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Although the Coaching Commons is no longer publishing, we welcome you to access more

RIP Coaching Commons

The natural life of the Coaching Commons is ending. As a social venture philanthropist, more

Coaching Commons: The Road Less Traveled

In January 2008, Andrea J. Lee wrote the first post for the Coaching Commons. She said "We more

Just One Last Word: Thanks

Journalists aren’t known for writing well when the topic is themselves, and I more

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The History of Coaching

The Coaching Commons Will Become a Permanent Part of Coaching History

January 4, 2011 | | No Comments »

I remember during the 2005 ICF Conference in San Jose, California where I first met Ruth Ann Harnisch at a breakfest held by David Goldsmith. Ruth Ann's vision of an unbiased source for coaching information was championed by David.  When I shared my my passion for coaching history, Ruth Ann asked me to organize the history arm of their foundation, which began as The Foundation of Coaching. Those early years were ones of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.  Mary Wayne Bush led the Research Division - and with $100,000 in annual research grants from Ruth Ann, Mary Wayne put research on the map of coaching forever. Linda Ballew held everything together in her role as ...

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Using Assessment Tools In Cross-Cultural Coaching: When Country Isn’t Enough

The international nature of business—and by extension, coaching—has never been more clear, or more critical. “To become a successful global player, you have to know the cultural rules of the game,” goes the pitch by one cross cultural coach, who argues ...

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