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How the “Coach Approach” Has Taken Root in Christian Ministries


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Linda Miller moves in two similar, but distinctly different worlds: coaching executives at some of the world’s top companies, and coaching ministers through her work at Coach Approach Ministries, founded in 2001 as a means of “bringing professional coaching to churches.” And Miller says Christian coaching has become big business.

“It is growing. It’s been fun because in the past, the Christian church has been about ten years behind the secular community in just about everything. And in coaching, it doesn’t seem to be like that. It seems like the Christian community is very like what’s happening in the secular community, and that’s been exciting to watch,” said Miller.

The language, Christian coaches Chad Hall says, can at times be different–invoking Biblical passages, for instance, or even joining a client in prayer–but the basics are fundamentally the same, grounded in ICF principles and for clients, very powerful. “Leaders and professionals in both areas really do benefit from coaching.”

Christian coaching, Hall and Miller say, really took off years ago in North Carolina, when 4,000 Baptist churches were searching for a way to help ministers become more effective leaders. “We were looking for basically a way for churches to be more effective without a cookie cutter approach…and we stumbled upon coaching. We were really looking for a consulting model that explored and discovered a church’s unique best way forward and we stumbled upon coaching,” said Hall. “We began to learn about coaching and we equipped a probably hundred or more ministers over a three year period with some core coaching skills, and it began to mushroom.”

Linda Miller calls the years since “an explosion,” with more and more Christian congregations turning to coaching. The work, Miller says, is grounded in ICF principles and practices, but with a strong respect for Christian principles as well, combining “a real grounding in the scriptures and in the Bible” and also ICF core competencies. “We want to make sure that the thing we’re doing not only is coaching but also is firmly established in the word of God.”

Linda Miller and Chad Hall spoke about their work with CoachReporter Mark Joyella:

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Read more about Coach Approach Ministries here.

Linda Miller, MCC, works as a coach in two worlds–the secular executive coaching world and the Christian business community. As the global coaching liaison for the Ken Blanchard Companies, she has broad experience in coaching, coach training, and public speaking. She’s also written books on corporate and Christian coaching.

Chad Hall, PCC, has been a pastor and ministry leader as well as an executive coach and consultant. He works with Linda Miller as part of Coach Approach Ministries, formed in 2001 as a means of bringing coaching to the world of churches.

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Mark Joyella is an Emmy-winning television news reporter and anchor who has worked at television stations in Colorado, Georgia, Florida and New York. A firm believer in the power of coaching, Mark has been on both sides of the coaching equation, as a client, and as a coach, helping aspiring journalists excel in writing, reporting and storytelling. Mark lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughter. Follow Mark on Twitter at

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Sanctuario on June 27, 2010

Everyone somehow has a different approach in handling ministries. As long as it is aligned to God’s plan, it would still work if properly followed.

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