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The Huffington Post: Unplug and Recharge–The Power of Play


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Published: June 3, 2010 under Archived Coaching News

June 2, 2010 – Denise Spatafora – The Huffington Post – New York, NY, US

When I think about recharging, I have reduced my options to the usual suspects: work out, do a yoga class, read, stretch, take a walk, take a bath with lots of salt and essential oils. Working out and meditating have become as essential as food for our daily well being. And while they do support us in great ways, I would like us to consider that at the heart of unplugging and recharging is the power of play. Playing and having fun is completely underrated, and not encouraged in our driven, 24/7 plugged-in way of being.

As a business and life coach for the past 13 years consulting/coaching CEOs, entrepreneurs and their teams, I encourage my clients to incorporate more play in to their lives which positively effects their work. Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, influential thinker and founder of analytical psychology suggested that if you had a problem that was frustrating you or that you could not solve, spend some time in what he called the “sand box” — go play and through this play, whatever that is for someone, great solutions and ideas arise organically. Play leads to invention.

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